Päivi Pätsi, Finland


Päivi Pätsi, Artist, Art Pedagog

I am 37-year old woman living in Helsinki. Right now I am drawing an art book. Years back I painted the story of my love, Playtime and Fairytales, to my husband to be. Few years ago I had two exhibitions with my little girl, Toddling together and The Shared World of a Mother and a Daughter.

For me, art is the deepest way of communication. Based on the message I wish to convey and depending on the story I want to tell people, my techniques can range from digital collages to traditional paint techniques. Whatever the technique I use, you can see into my mind by looking at my art. It is the beauty and mystery of art that always continues to inspire me.

Just as much as I love doing art, I also love to dig deep into other people’s thoughts. How do they experience this world? I see ISEAS Symposium as a platform where I can help to make these thoughts visible. I can’t think of anything more inspiring than that.


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