International Socially Engaged Art Symposium

ISEAS International Socially Engaged Art Symposium

Symposium background

The symposium’s structure is short and compact together living and working. In this way, its basic idea differs from artist residences, where communality is not necessarily central, and working mostly takes place individually or in working group. The Symposium strives to build a new kind of community. The 2018 ISEAS is ranked second. Last year’s ISEAS17 emphasized the importance of community art in institutions and institutions with special groups and children. The symposium was attended by 21 artists and they worked with some 500 people in Raseborg area.


20 artists are invited to the symposium (Romania, Turkey, Iran, South Korea, Poland, Finland, Italy, Israel, England, France). The focus of 2018 is on performance art and work between science and art. The Artists Group works 1-3 in public places in the Raasepori area. The work is community-based, but communities are not named in advance, but are created on the spot. Performing artists improvis the working methods in which the community is formed. Later they also conceptualize their process together with the symposium mentor. The Symposium produces an art theoretical publication and an exhibition at the Ekenäs Galleri Perspektiv. The exhibition is open from August to September. The exhibition includes a number of works by artists, together with a built-in live installation and symposium documentary video and process photographs.


The aim of the symposium is to develop community-based activities and to create networks for an international group of artists. During the symposium week, artists have the opportunity to exchange ideas, skills and information. In social media world, messaging is easy and fast. However, it does not replace the real face-to-face encounter and the time it takes to be able to understand and learn people from different cultures. Symposium mentoring aims to deepen work and promote collective action.

ISEAS is supported by:

Cultural foundations of Finland,  Kone Foundation, the Town of Raseborg, Karis – Pojo Sparbank foundation

Suomen Kulttuurirahasto