Documentary team 2020


Amir Abdi was born in Khorramabad, Iran, and grew up in Tehran. As a teenager, he developed an interest in graphic design, which he went on to explore through a university degree in computer graphics. His passion for art deepened at 23 when he moved to Tampere, Finland, to pursue a BA in media studies. After about a decade of experience in visual arts, his interest turned toward motion, and he studied film studies with a focus on storytelling and editing at the University of Salford in the UK.

Since then, Amir’s work as a video producer in Malaysia and as an art director in Iran has brought him practical knowledge and experience. Living in dozens of countries and collaborating with various artists has earned him a full range of expertise.

Amir considers himself a seeker and he uses art, gardening, and yoga to travel deeper into the essence of creation and ultimately the nature of the self.



Touko Hujanen (1986) is a photojournalist based in Helsinki, Finland. He concentrates on long term reportage projects.

In recent years Hujanen has been covering areal themes in Finland. His projects have dealt with themes of self-sufficiency, Finnish history and the future of agriculture in the Boreal Region. Hujanen is interested in what parts of the Nordic lifestyle should be conserved in the era of environmental disasters? How should our lifestyle adapt and what should we cherish in our tradition? By looking at these local questions Hujanen wants to understand the global post-industrial world moving into a post-fossil era. He believes that the local is global.

His work has been published for example in The New York Times and X-magazine. He is the chairman of Finnish photojournalist`s Yksitoista collective and publisher of Uuden Maan Sanomat newspaper. He has won multiple awards including photojournalist of the year (2019, 2018), press photographer of the year (2011) and young press photographer of the year (2009) in Finland. He has graduated from the University of Tampere master`s program of visual journalism.

Linus Westerlund is a Freelancer video producer from Karis, Finland. He is studying at Arcada University of Applied Sciences to become a Producer in the media industry.
He has worked at YLE and other bigger media companies in Finland and he have a company of his own with a few customers a year.
Linus mostly works as a camera operator or editor but has lately started with production side tasks.
On his spear time, he exercises orienteering and bicycling.