Philosopher and Mentor


Juha Himanka, PhD, Docent of Theoretical Philosophy, works as a university lecturer in philosophy at the University of Lapland. Among other things, he has explored the original conception of the Earth as a background that unites all cultures and the intersubjective starting points of justice. Himanka is familiar with the phenomenological research method.


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Mari Krappala (1968) is a writer, art theorist, curator and mentor. She works in the area between science and art, on multidisciplinary, philosophical, collective and social art projects. She writes fiction on theory, conceptualizes audiovisual installations, curates group exhibitions and develops the methodology of community artwork, e.g. by examining group processes. Krappala has 25 years of work experience in the field of art and research. She has performed with groups of artists at scientific conferences and curated, published essays and participated in group exhibitions with his textual works. She is currently working on e.g. dark ecology and natural relations.