Fabio Cito (1980) Neapolitan photographer and curator of the International  Art Symposium of Scampia, Naples, Italy. Cito has participated in several community photography projects and held several exhibitions. He has been teaching photography since 2011 in Scampia, a suburb of Naples, Italy, to young people who are at risk of being marginalized. Cito worked as an ISEAS photographer in 2017 and 2019.


Linus Westerlund (1998) is a freelance film and tv producer from Raseborg, Karis. He has a bachelor’s degree in media production as a film and tv producer. He works at YLE and NEP and other larger media companies in Finland and runs a medium-sized multimedia production company based in Raseborg (RiverPoint Oy). Linus mainly works as a producer and dop/camera operator but any part of a media production can be managed by him. When Linus is part of a production his role can often be described as “Joka paikan höylä”, which roughly translates to “the person that does it all”.