ISEAS 2019

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Ten days long symposium will be held in August 2019. It will be attended by six artists and five environmental experts. There is also a documentary group which includes a photographer and videographer. The communities of 2019 include: Svartå Swedish speaking school, Mustio Finnish daycare, and the Svartå  Martha Organization. Some work is done during school time, part of leisure time, when events are also open to the public.

The symposium produces community art events in which there is a dialogue with nature. Environmental awareness is an essential part of the the future of children and young people. The Symposium opens the way for them to understand their own neighbourhood and its environment through art.

Along Svartå’s beach flows the River of Svartå, in which lives a freshwater pearl mussel in danger of extinction. Children and adolescents are expected to learn about ecosystem from the scientists and researchers and to construct a sculpture with the artists on the beach.

Other symposium art projects deal with circular economy and natural lands and meadows, which are the most endangered and diverse habitats in Finland.

Freshwater Pearl Mussels Team

Meadows and Wood Pastures Team

Circular Economy Team

Documentary Team