Northen Nature-religion

Francis, Ounasvaara

Francis Joy
I am originally from West Yorkshire in the north of England and have lived in Finland since 2004. More recently, I gained my PhD from the University Of Lapland Faculty Of Art and Design and the Arctic Centre, Rovaniemi, in the study of Saami religion and art.

Since 2006, I have engaged in multiple contexts with the study of Saami Religion and spiritual traditions, which has been characterized by engaging with Saami people from Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula in north-west Russia. These include shamanism, cosmology, sacrifice and creation of drums for healing, ceremony, divination and illustrating oral narratives. In addition, a study of prehistoric rock art in Finland, Norway and Sweden in relation to cosmological landscapes depicted on both ancient and contemporary Saami drums. Within the past three years, my research has also examined the appropriation of Saami cultural heritage into tourism in Finland.

I am currently working on a second book about new types of Saami drums, which is post-doctoral studies, and am hoping to have this research finished early in 2021. I have been self-employed since 2005, working as a Holistic Body Therapist, running a clinic in Helsinki, offering healing and consultation, as well as working internationally. Much of this work has been focussed on understanding addiction as a spiritual illness and its effects on the body, family and society in general with regard to trauma. Furthermore, there has been a long-term involvement with the Druids in the UK, and a study of trees, plants and sacred landscapes, ritual and ceremony in relation to cultural heritage and understanding my place within nature. Enclosed is a link to my website where additional information can be found regarding my work.
Contact via e-mail: By Skype: fjoyrovaniemi