Forest disputes


Ville Hallikainen born in Inari in 1958 graduated in Ivalo 1977 Dr. (For) 1998, University of Joensuu Adj. prof. in forest management, University of Joensuu, now University of Eastern Finland Adj. prof. in quantitative methodology, University of Lapland.

Now working as a senior scientist in Natural Resources Institute Finland Previously worked as a principal lecturer in the University of Applied Sciences in Rovaniemi and as a University lecturer in the University of Joensuu. My main themes in research are forest regeneration, predators, the succession of vegetation communities, outdoor recreation tourism, landscape management.



Katja Juhola (1975) has been active in the field of art for over 20 years. She has held over a hundred exhibitions both abroad and in Finland. She has completed over ten major social art projects in Finland and five abroad. She has been the chairman of the Raseborg Photograph Center in 2014-2017 and has curated several exhibitions.

In her art, Juhola has moved on to the activist activity. She sees through her own actions the possibilities to influence reality. Instead of art objects, it is important for her to process. Her basic aspirations are the principles of equality and ecological lifestyle. Juhola believes in the ability of art to make social change. Touch by art is no longer just touching the art object, but for its part is building it and thus producing something new in which the structures of hegemony can be destabilized.

Katja Juhola has participated in several international symposia and has found intense collaboration between different artists of different cultures to be proud of her own work and understanding. Juhola feels particularly important for artists’ interaction and discussions to create a critical and productive dimension of art. To make the discussions fertile, she invited mentor TT, Docent of Cultural Studies (Aalto University), Mari Krappala.

Juhola examines social art symposium as activist art. Art is a result of discussions that create the agonistic public space defined by Mouffe, where people’s disparate opinions can face without the need for a complete, broad and shared consensus. Juhola explicitly sees the symposium as an act of personal activism, whose significance is reflected in the freedom of art in the framing of institutions.



Satu Kalliokuusi (Born 1965 at Kouvola, Finland) has worked as a visual artist and painter since 1998 and has held several solo exhibitions at homeland and abroad. She has participated in numerous joint exhibitions at Estonia, Germany and Sweden. She has also worked as an art director, curator and visual artist on several community projects in Helsinki and at Finnish Lapland in Art Äkäslompolo community together with Lapland Artists’ Association and curated artists from the Nordic countries.  As well she has been Finnish artists’ association called Arteground in Estonia, Germany and Sweden. She also is member of the Visual artist Outi Heiskanen’s ”Heavenly Academy” artist group.

Kalliokuusi deals with crises and other life challenges in her art exploring psychology, human rights and environmental ethics. She is using mainly ecological materials and organic painting techniques and has been developed some own techniques for art working and explore new ways of making art. She has spent a lot of time in pure nature and been following humans relationship to environmental and realised many big changes in human acts. Kalliokuusi’s art is based on how humans behaviour is influenced by the history of mankind. So we can now see how untreated traumas has been also influenced by the way we treat the whole world.

Her latest solo exhibition in 2019 at the Lapland Artists’ Association’s Gallery Kellokas in the Yllästunturi Nature Center was under the theme Anthropocene. During this exhibition, he commented on the local mining plan and the Arctic Ocean railroad project. Before that, she organized a group exhibition at the Porvoo Art Hall on theme Consequences of war, where she was performing a painting installation for the victims of Soviet communism.

Satu Kalliokuusi is a full member of the Finnish Painters’ Association and a member of the Artists’ Association of Helsinki and the Artists’ Association of Lapland.


Misha del Val (b.1979 Bilbao, Spain)

I’m a visual artist and curator based in Kittilä, Lapland, Finland. I grew up in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain and completed my degree in Fine Arts at Basque Country University in 2003. I lived and worked as an artist in Australia from 2003 to 2013, where I continued my studies at the College of Fine Arts, University of NSW, in Sydney, 2009. Since 2014, I have lived in Kittilä, Finland.

My artistic work has been exhibited amongst other places at Bilbaoarte Foundation (2001), Espacio Abisal (2009), Espacio Marzana – Cultural projects (2018) and Torre de Ariz (2020) in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain; Kemi Art Museum (2018), galleria Napa (2018, 2019) and Korundi Art Museum (coming 2020) in Lapland, and tm-galleria (coming 2020) in Helsinki, Finland; S. H. Ervin Gallery ‘Salon des Refuses’ (2006), Kudos gallery (2008, 2009) and Maunsell-Wickes gallery (2011, 2012, 2013) in Sydney, Australia. In 2013 I started a fruitful artistic collaboration with Finnish artist Raisa Raekallio, which lasts to this day.

As a curator, I have been recently involved in producing art exhibitions and events including the Sirkka Art Biennale 2017, 2019; the international exhibition to Celebrate 30 Years of the Artists’ Association of Lapland ‘Wiping the Ice-Cream Off Your Face’ co-curated alongside Andreas Hoffmann (NO/Greenland – Arctic Culture Lab) for Kakslauttanen Art Gallery 2020, which involves a dialogue between artists from Nordic countries and a selection of artists from the Artists’ Association of Lapland; the upcoming exhibition of artists from Lapland and Basque Country ‘Northern Affinity- Artists from Lapland and Basque Country’ at galleria Napa, Rovaniemi, in 2021; and ARS Kärsämäki 2020 with Raisa Raekallio.

I am committed to a sustained development of culture in Northern Fennoscandia. I am a Board member of the Artists’ Association of Lapland and Staalo Artists’ Association, Kittilä, and belongs to the Painters’ Association of Finland.