Alessandro Sabena, Italy


Graduated in Film Studies in Turin with a thesis on Hitchcock and Truffaut’s movies and his female characters, flanked to  insatiable curiosity for written and criticism in cinema and a practical work on technical skill. Sensitive to any form of suggestion and contamination of the cinematographic meanings, it mainly operates in the artistic and social field. Among the most significant directions: “Private Dance”, a video survey on Torinese nightlife; “Le Bon élève” which, starting from the clash between institutions and “traditional law”, investigates the risks of globalization, common to many African countries; “Saturday of the band”, set in a residence for elderly in the province of Piedmont. In addition to videomaker practice, he designs audiovisual communication and computer literacy laboratories, in schools, communities and private facilities.

I find that one of the most important limits in contemporary artistic productions is the difficulty of giving life to rich and stimulating collaborations. The historical period we are passing through, little or nothing attentive to the enhancement of artistic practice, pushes to individualism and self-production. Audiovisual products are the most widespread and effective way of transmitting informations, conveying thoughts and trends and shaping our imaginations. This excess of sensory input risks to trivializing and conforming the reception of contents. I believe that only through the recovery of a more communitarian and social creative modality can give life to broader projects and higher content values. This is the reason why I find it very interesting to share experiences, paths and points of view within a symposium. The knowledge of neighbor and the sharing of space and time that offers this kind of experience, can only benefit the development of a critical sense, a baggage of knowledge that I will always carry with me.


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