Justyna Andrzejewska, Poland – France

copyright justyna_andrzejewska- (1)

Justyna Andrzejewska (born 1986 in Gniezno) graduated in 2011 from The Institute of Visual Arts University of Zielona Góra (Graphics, Faculty of Arts) with bachelor degree. She was also studying Photography at School of Photography in Jelenia Góra, where was improving her looking ability under the supervision of Wojtek Zawadzki. With master degree she graduated from University of Arts in Poznań (Photography, Faculty of Multimedia Communication) in 2016. Multiple participant of Wszechnica Fotograficzna and individual and collective exhibitions. Now lives in Paris.

”Photography constitutes the simplest language for me, it tells the nonobjective truth. I touch upon simple, sometimes even clichéd, everyday subjects but I also deal with complicated long-term processes. My works displayed at justynaandrzejewska.tumblr take the form of a diary. At the beginning , this page was supposed to be a place where I disposed of all my photographic energy, a place of purification. I got used to this place with time, though, and now I take the content of this page seriously. I explore spaces I pass bydaily including houses, buildings, friends, strangers, I photograph everything that  can make for a brilliant photo.”


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