Moldovan Smaranda Sabina, Romania


Moldovan Smaranda Sabina was born in 1986, Timisoara,Romania. She currently is a PhD student at Faculty of Arts and Design of Timisoara continuing her research on neoconceptualism. She has been involved in art social projects and belives in the connection that art must have with society.

I would like my paintings to be seen as the idea of the process that is created by the interaction of ideas that lead to creation. Most of them are canvases that consist of fields of colour that have almost no structure or composition in order to get us back to the beginning of what we know like the elementary particles that we are made from. Colour is important to me and i have studied monochromes during the last 10 years and that is because i think colour by being a brain process, pure energy that moves through electromagnetic waves can lead the viewer to continue the canvas by having and experience of an immersion in the primary time and space without being disturbed by high amount of information that we have in our days and to remind him that we still have to put questions such as why? . It can be seen almost as a ground zero to develop new imagines and transform them through the mind. Some have interventions of strokes covered by layers  and that is disobeying the rule of representing only the essential- as protest to how much we accumulate, but it is only to leave a print or a mark of what was that moment. It is more a memory print covered up by other layers and integrated in the whole field, just like objects that we have owned left a trace on us. Experimenting is part o my research and it involves different medias such as installations and digital art.

untitled 2017

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