Sarah Bowyer, England – Italy


I’m a polyglot artist, born in Britain from English father and Italian mother, I lived in Iran, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and India as well as in Italy, where I had more prolonged residences. It’s from these multi-cultural and experiential facets that was originated a multi-vision art: I work on the representation of the different plans that accompany the sensitivity of human being, from the most intimate and emotional to the most mental and external. The final research is harmony and coexistence between the past and the future, the macro and the micro and between the drama and the inner light and the search for balance with the outside, universal guide. I also worked extensively in digital and painting performances and on drawings created with light, where instinctive vision, fast and of impact can develop my technical skills in a fresh direction and freedom, while maintaining a strong figurative value. I have exhibited all over Italy in contemporary art galleries and museums and abroad in galleries, consulates and museums in Rio de Janeiro, Petropolis (Brazil), Madras, Auroville, Pondicherry (India), Calarasi, Galati, Constanta (Romania ), Stockholm (Sweden), Silistra (Bulgaria), Miami (USA), England (London), Paris (France). I made the digital scenography of the show The Magic Flute by Mozart &  Teatro Regio in Turin in 2014, artistically decorated vehicles as a ‘600’ and a ‘Multipla’ for the company FIAT. I worked with drawings of light for Cartier at the Teatro Versace in Milan, exhibited at the Milan Triennale in the collection Chevallard & Art & Television', taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, made 2D animation speaking of social issues, worked in fashion, in illustration and participated as an assistant production designer at the Olympic Games 2006 in Turin. I love to work with different mediums and my final goal is the get in to emotional contact with the observer.

To get together with other artists of different backgrounds and cultures in a magical place like Mustio is a great way to live my creativity in a context full of stimuli and free from competitions and interests that unfortunately include the artist in his place of origin. Besides, the uncontaminated nature and the civil social system, very respectful of human rights, are the main reasons for my enthusiasm about this project.

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