Beate Linne, Germany

Beate Linne_00, Photo by Günther Schaefer, 72 dpi

Beate Linne 1967 in Germany

One could say that I started pretty late to do performance-art. My way was not straight, what I consider as a privilege nowadays. I have gained experience from various fields. My academic studies rage from architecture to social work, to studies to become teacher for German language and art. I also have a professional education as gardener. Before I
focused on performance art I worked as teacher. My experience as foster mother of a child with autism spectrum disorder also changed my way looking at the world-and leaded me to an intense engagement with the inclusion of disabled people. These wide range of experiences and knowledge constitutes the basis of my art. I am a curious person and eager to exchange with other people and keen on working with artists from different disciplines and cultures. In the last years I have been travelling around the world and I am glad to have the opportunity to those exchanges and the associated incentives that challenges me to continue developing my art constantly.
As a visual artist I am working mainly in the field of performance art and installation. Beside my solo works, I have been collaborated with various artists from different backgrounds. I also give workshops and have been co-curated international performance festivals.
My work investigates core issues of life and the condition of being a human through creating live-actions with my body. My performances often test the corporeal and mental limits of myself, questioning the social manners and learned norms of behavior. By using my body as a tool of creating powerful live-images, I considers performance as an opportunity to express myself in my ongoing examination into the ideas of freedom and conventionality of body and thought. My performances and Installations can be seen as poetical compositions that transforms life in odd actions and living images. It’s not about presenting answers or concrete statements to social and politic subjects, but rather an offer activating the spectator to find their own interpretations or associations. At the heart of my work is an encounter and exchange between people: a possibility to initiate alternative and bold thinking processes.

Beate Linne_02, Photo Nanxi Liu. 72 dpi


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