Evrim Özeskici – visual arts, Turkey / Vittorio Tonon, Italy – visual arts / Attendo Rosinne palvelukoti

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Exhibition at Ekenäs Gallery Perspektiv, Pipa Nikula, Clarice Zdanski, Vittorio Tonon & Evrim Özeskici worked together both communities:

Rossinne & Kaskimaan hoivakoti

Clarice Zdanski USA, Pipa Nikula Finland, Evrim Ozeskici Turkey, Vittorio Tonon Italy
Our project involved working with adults with physical and mental challenges. We spent three days at two different residential facilities, Rossinne and Kaskimaa. We wanted to paint sheets that would cover a teepee, because the teepee is a place that brings people together. The residents and staff at the centers welcomed us enthusiastically and with open hearts. In one center, another idea to create a “Tree of Hope” or “Tree of Joy” sprang spontaneously from the painting project. We made small objects to decorate the tree. In both centers, residents were asked what gave them joy or what their wishes were. Their words were written on ribbons that are also part of the installation. The project is important because through art we were able to communicate with others, regardless of
language or physical or mental condition. We would like to have the opportunity to develop our work further, not only in Finland, but in our own countries and elsewhere, because people want the world to be their home, even if they must stay in one place.

Projektimme käsitti työskentelyä aikuisten kanssa, joilla on fyysisiä ja henkisiä haasteita. Vietimme kolme päivää kahdessa eri asuintilassa, Rossinnessa ja Kaskimaassa. Halusimme maalata lakanoita, joilla peitettäisiin kota. Kotahan on paikka, joka tuo ihmiset yhteen. Keskusten asukkaat ja henkilökunta toivottivat meidät tervetulleiksi innostuneesti ja avoimesti. Yhdessä keskuksessa ajatukseni oli luoda “Toivon Puu” tai “Ilon Puu” spontaani maalausprojekti. Teimme pieniä esineitä koristamaan puuta. Molemmissa keskuksissa asukkailta kysyttiin, mikä antoi heille iloa tai mitä heidän toiveensa olivat. Heidän sanansa on kirjoitettu nauhoihin, jotka ovat myös osa teosta.
Hanke on tärkeä, koska taiteen kautta pystymme kommunikoimaan muiden kanssa kielestä tai fyysisestä tai henkisestä tilasta riippumatta. Haluamme mahdollisuuden kehittää työtämme edelleen paitsi Suomessa, myös omissa maissamme ja muualla. Ihmiset haluavat, että maailma on heidän kotinsa, vaikka heidän olisi pysyttävä yhdessä paikassa.

Vårt projekt handlade om att arbeta med vuxna med fysiska och psykiska utmaningar. Vi tillbringade tre dagar vid två olika bostadsområden, Rossinne och Kaskimaa. Vi ville måla lakan som skulle täcka en teepee, eftersom teepee är en plats som för samman människor. Invånarna och personalen på centra välkomnade oss entusiastiskt och med öppna hjärtan. I ett centrum sprang en annan idé att skapa ett “Tree of Hope” eller “Tree of Joy” spontant från målningsprojektet. Vi gjorde små föremål för att dekorera trädet. I båda centra frågades invånarna vad som gav dem glädje eller vad deras önskemål var. Deras ord skrevs på band som också ingår i installationen. Projektet är viktigt eftersom vi genom konst kunnat kommunicera med andra, oavsett språk eller fysiskt
eller psykiskt tillstånd. Vi vill ha möjlighet att utveckla vårt arbete vidare, inte bara i Finland utan i våra egna länder och på andra håll, för att människor vill att världen ska vara sitt hem, även om de måste stanna på ett ställe.

Evrim Özeskici – visual arts, Turkey

About The Artist
Artist was born in Corum/Turkey in 1984. He graduated from Gazi University Gazi Faculty of
Education Art and Crafts Teacher Education Department (2007), he got his master degree
from Erciyes University Institute of Fine Arts Painting Department (2010) and he got his PhD
degree in Hacettepe University Institute of Fine Arts Painting Department ( 2017 ). He won
four awards in painting competitions. He held six solo exhibitions and participated more
than three hundred national and international mixed exhibitions. His paintings are in several
collections in USA, Spain, Turkey, Ukrain, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Poland and France.
He works in Usak University Faculty of Fine Arts Painting Department as a lecturer.

e-mail:        evrimozeskici@gmail.com

Instagram: evrimozeskici

blog: http://evrimozeskici.blogspot.com.tr/

web: https://www.saatchiart.com/evrimozeskici

Vittorio Tonon, Italy – visual arts

Vittorio Tonon started his artistic career at a very young age as a figurative neorealist painter, then he moved to the “informal” and “abstract.” He studied at Brera Academy in Milan and presented his first personal and collective exhibitions in the seventies, cooperating with cultural centers in Milan and Novara to arrange installations, stage designs, and urban works.

Vittorio further studies Modern and Contemporary Art, citing great artists such as Schiele, Rothko, Bacon and especially Marcel Duchamp as his sources of inspiration. In 1980 he worked for Provincia di Novara and Regione Piemonte on a “moving exhibition” about 20th century artistic avante-garde, based on the movement of Dadaism. His first exhibition at Broletto in Novara was followed by seven more stagings in other significant Italian towns such as Urbino (Palazzo Ducale), Mantova (Palazzo della Ragione), Milan (Politecnico University of Architecture), and Turin (Palazzo della Promotrice).

His artistic activity has been interdisciplinary, with interests ranging from Land Art to Conceptual Art. In the nineties he created new forms of installations using recycled materials. In the last twenty years he has organized Contemporary Art events and produced large installations with the involvement of educational and public institutions. His objective is to promote conservation and respect for the environment.

In 2006 he was in Paris (Mairie du 5e Arrondissement, Place du Pantheon) for the “Castelli aperti” exhibition, held by Regione Piemonte and the European Cabinet to promote cultural tourism through contemporary Art exhibitions held in historical houses.

Recently he has organized social and cultural events with artists and students in Novara: in 2009, for example, the moving exhibition “Storie d’Aria, d’Acqua, di terra e di lune,” aimed to improve environmental respect and protection.

In 2011 he organized “150 artisti raccontano la nostra storia” at Archivio di Stato in Novara, on the 150th anniversary of Unity of Italy. In the same year, he presented  “Di chimica ed altre storie” in Novara and Alessandria universities. In 2012, he organized the touching exhibition “Passaggio in Cina” with a Chinese artist and an American artist.

In the summer of 2013, he organized the contemporary Art Event “AcquiArte” in Acqui Terme city centre, where he showcased specific installations with the support of the European Cabinet.

In the last few years he has organized and participated in art symposiums and collective exhibitions, both national and international (Italy, France, Finland, Austria, Romania, Brazil, India, China).

In 2015 he led and participated in the international event “Milan Expo from 1906 to 2015 – 110 Artists tell Italy” at Milan, Palazzina Liberty. It was a collection of personal artworks from himself and many other artists in collaboration with Municipality of Milan and EXPO International Exhibition Milano 2015.


I think now humanity is living through a difficult period of history.

Men and Nations instead of joining for a better life together,  their divide and fight increasing hatred,  racism and poverty.

When artists from all over the world meet and work together,  involving people living in that territory,  they do something right and good.  I want to be part of  this

Attendo Rosinne palvelukoti

Mental Health Rehabilitators · Supported Housing

Attendo Rosinne, founded in November 2007, is a home and care facility for those who struggle with mental health issues that provides individual rehabilitation and homemade support. Rosinne is located in Ekenäs Leksvall, a scenic spot by the sea.

Mielenterveyskuntoutujat · Tuettu asuminen

Marraskuussa 2007 avattu Attendo Rosinne on yksilöllistä kuntoutusta ja kodikasta tukiasumista tarjoava mielenterveyskuntoutujien palvelukoti. Rosinne sijaitsee Tammisaaren Leksvallissa luonnonkauniilla paikalla meren tuntumassa.

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