Kimmo Ylönen, Finland

Kimmo Ylönen (born 1970) is an artist living and working on the island of Norrskata outside the South-Western coast of Finland. After graduating as a painter from Kankaanpää art school Ylönen soon took to sculpture, wood becoming his principal material.
Along the way Ylönen has used everytghing from cardboard to needles to common reed and rag rugs. Among other things he has walked through the most part of Finland and baked a four meter wide bread.
Ylönen has participated in enviromental arts events and worked with multi disiplinary groups combining the different approaches of visual artists, dancers, poets, movie makers, musicians and sound artists.
Ylönen sees art as a playground for a curious boy to build his own picture of the world around and doing so, maybe understand it.
“Which is why I am so enthusiastic about the opportunity to participate in ISEAS. Once again I am given a change to climb  out from my basement workshop, come up with ideas of another type to fit another type of event, to stretch my imagination, to weight my skills, and most of all, to learn.”
TheBurden aasi

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