Kaisa Lipponen, Finland


Kaisa Lipponen graduated MA in University School of Art and Design in Helsinki Finland. She has done numerous projects in the field of social art and enviromental art.

My work is mainly idea-based. In my case it means that first comes the idea and then I choose the tool for realization of the idea. Of course the process is not so black and white in practice. But, as a result of working like this, I have used a huge amount of different techniques throughout the years. And as a result of that, I have started to describe my work through the label “multidisciplinary art” when asked “What kind of art do you do?”. Instead of listing as text what I have done, here are some images with captions to give more insight on what I have been doing.

Let´s get together in Raasepori and see what we come up with.
Members 2018 Kaisa Lipponen (founder), Pekka Hassinen, Ron Nordström and Stefan Nyström
​ART EVALUATION RESEARCH FINLAND 2011-2013 Multiple performances in different locations.

CENTRAL FINLAND AREA: Data collection and audit was completed at the Jyväskylä Art Museum in Spring 2011 at the Annual Artist´s associations exhibition. Due to the results, a certificate was granted to Jyväskylä Art Museum and Jyväskylä Artists Association giving certainty of safe exhibiting to the parties in hand. In the image evaluating the art work of Aino Kajaniemi. Photo Uula Kontio.

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