Daniel Fuss, Israel


Daniel Fuss, born in Morocco in 1956. At age one my family moved to Italy where I grew up. My father Memfuss was an architect and painter and has been a student of the french painter Fernand Leger and friend with artists like Lucio Fontana Piero Manzoni Enrico Castellani Ives Klein ecc… I studied photography at IED Milano and later at the Bezalel Art Accademy in Jerusalem with teacher Simha Shirman, an Israely photographer who has had a strong influence in my artistic development. In 1974 I published the first number of Meior Peior a group newspaper inspired by Dada absurd theatre Nonsense literature etc… 1978 first solo exhibit at White Gallery Tel Aviv. For about 20 years I worked as a professional photographer and video maker in Israel.

Since 2006 I have been working with Grazia Simeone and other artists on collective projects that include installation performance video photography music sound painting and sculpture. In 2014 I published “Memfuss nomadic archives” a family endeavour written by my brother Alfredo. A serie of short stories about my fathers life and especially encounters with famous artists with a rich visual documentation. Presently I am experimenting with analogic photography in a collective project called Specchio Patibolare (Gallows mirror).


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