Pooneh Jafarinejad, Iran

Pooneh 1

Pooneh Jafarinejad  born 1971 MA of Art

My Bachelor Degree is in painting, fashion and textile design and my Masters in painting. I started my professional career as an artist in 2 separate paths of fashion design and painting simultaneously. My art works were very influenced by my society and finally I decided to be a figurative painter.

I was focused on myself as a woman in a traditional progressive society, who wanted to be independent and powerful and protect herself from boundaries and limitations! My paintings are mostly solo figures with transparent layers which shows the beauty of ‘her’, simplicity at the same time with complications . For years there were limitations to show female figures in public exhibitions so I chose to applied the same concept in trees. Solo trees in frame as a symbol of women .

For me art means life like spice in food Its sad when I see people who cant appreciate art; I feel hopeless for the world! The EARTH without ART is just Eh! Simply people with their point of views about art, animals and nature are more understandable for me.


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