Grazia Simeone graduated at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan.Teacher of  Pictorial Disciplines at the Liceo Artistico Musicale Statale in Novara. She lives and work in Vaprio d’Agogna (Novara). She is very active both nationally and internationally with personal and collective art exhibitions.

“The sign and the gesture in free thought”

Eclectic by nature, Grazia Simeone lives Art in all its manifestations.
In her works the vital energy of a restless soul, intimate and exuberant frescoes, the decisive and connoted sign, her faces, her painted figures tell of profound emotions perhaps experienced or imagined, but free from formal and mental impositions, almost to verge on abstraction.
Creative euphoria and a wise observation give life to objects sought, desired, sewn. Traces linked in free associations, as roots from which stories of lived life seem to sprout. The irrational amalgam of fantasy and imagination with concrete things, once useful and perhaps loved, rewrites an expressive code built on the intimate relationship of objects with the organization of memory, to give life back to fragments of silent and forgotten humanity.
Even his body traces signs in the space of her creative thinking, through movement, dance, performances. Grace stimulates and involves, from the women of Scampia to the students of the Lyceum.



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