Małgorzata Andrzejewska, Poland

Małgorzata Andrzejewska

Małgorzata Andrzejewska
born 1961 in Bydgoszcz/Poland.
Study painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań (the present University of Fine Arts).
Participated in more than 40 solo exhibitions in Europe as well in Turkey ad Tunisia.
Now an Assistent Professor at the University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz,
run a drawing studio at its Department of Design.

My encounters with the humbling power of mountains and with what is ‘absolutely large’ about them have provoked me to always try to confront their magnitude and make repeated attempts to record their structural complexity and reflect on the question of the essence of an empirical experience of mountain landscape.

Each of my trekking expeditions to the Himalayan region of Nepal in 2013 and 2016 turned out to reveal the unexpected, which became a great inspiration to me. I painted my first Himalayan sketches on site and continued working on the series upon my return home. They are expressive sketches made with sweeping movements of the palette knife and the brush on 20 x 30 cm photo printouts. These trial digital printouts feature gradations of grey or the so-called white balance resulting from adjusting a digital camera to different light qualities (colour temperature), which evoke techniques of measuring and recording elevation. In the contour tinting of maps, such colours as green, yellow, red and brown, usually in a graduated scheme, are used to depict elevation, the position of mountains, uplands and so on. In my ‘Himalaya Sketches’ the graded grey colour scheme created a backdrop for the painted story.

''Himalaya view'', 3 x 20cm x 30 cm, acryl on the paper

''Himalaya view'', 20 cm x 30 cm, acryl on the paper


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