1960 Born, Biga Çanakkale-TURKEY, 1976 Graduated Kabatas High School and began to study in Fine Arts Academy (Painting Department) of Istanbul. 1982 Finished Fine Arts Academy of Istanbul. 1987 Studied and researched in Italy (Rome and Florance) one year by Italian Goverment Scholarship. 1995 Ph degree in Marmara University of Painting Department. Works as asst.prof at Fine Arts Faculty of Gelisim University.

Ahmet Özel is an artist whose origin is in Caucasia. While he was a child in a cultural environment that has not been assimilated yet, the old Caucasian legends that is narrated by his mother, the multifaceted research and close reading he conducted on that culture later on have left indelible marks on his consciousness and formed the main resource in his painting. The human fact that is foregrounded in the Caucasian mythology and the elements of symbolic expression connected to it enabled the thinking in a symbolic dimension through concepts for the artist in later periods and led to the restructuring his artistic experience based on that. Besides, the Özel’s curiosity about the Japanese culture, the connection he established with Russian modern painting and the elements of abstract thinking emerging from encounters resulting from that affinity, the fact that they are in parallel with his own philosophy of living, opened the way of going back to the roots for the artist. The ways of thinking through symbols he observed in connection with a foreign culture, calligraphies, rituals, religious motives etc. cultural elements create permanent effects on the abstract way of thinking of the artist in time and is reflected on his paintings. The attention paid to him in the artistic circles in Japan and Russia must have been the reason why he had been given the opportunity to have exhibitions in such countries. Besides, the fact that Özel’s works have been exhibited in the official museums of the said countries and private collections, proves another dimension of the attention paid to his art.

Ruşen Eşref Yılmaz

Art Critic

The Figures-Acrylic on canvas-60x60 cm

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